Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crazy About Criminals

Surely I can't be alone in my obsession. I've never been one much for American criminal programmes but I'm becoming addicted to CSI in any way, shape or form, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist and Dexter.

Five USA are currently running a whole load of CSIs every night so I record every single one of them onto our hard drive and then Adam and I spend three or four hours a night trying to catch up. Add to that two Criminal Minds a week plus The Mentalist and I'm overloaded with criminal programmes. Thank heavens Dexter's just finished - we'd be running out of room on the hard drive!

I've always had a fascination for forensic science and these programmes seem to fit the bill nicely. The programmes seem to be totally believable - no shouting and swearing unnecessarily or 'mutiny' in the teams. They all work so well together and seem to treat orders as orders rather than question everything and go into a sulk on a whim. The drama and the blood and gore are interspersed with little bouts of humour which. all combined, make a really watchable package.

I'm also finding American Idol gripping at the moment. I always thought these types of reality programmes were complete dross but each week I'm finding myself getting more and more involved. My faves for the final? Adam and Danny.

Fortunately when American Idol finishes I've still got Britain's Got Talent to watch. I know there are some really atrocious acts out there but there's loads of talent out there too. Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan often come in for a fair amount of criticism on the way they treat the contestants, but I have to admit that if I had to sit day in and day out listening to people who thought they were the next Pavarotti caterwauling their way through Nessun Dorma I'd probably get despondent. Last week's programme must have had one of the weirdest acts yet - three old age pensioners sitting on the stage teaching people how to 'finger knit'! I'm just wondering why these ladies thought that HRH Queen Elizabeth would want to see this at the forthcoming Royal Variety Performance. Perhaps it was a hint that she should retire and take up this genteel hobby, leaving Prince Charles to take up the throne??

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  1. Like you, my wife watches every conceivable US crime programme imaginable. As for me, I stopped at 'Dixon of Dock Green'!